Stanford Hostel

Stanford Hostel was an affordably priced hostel for visitors of all ages to the United States. It was located in Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio, which is one of the nation's most visited national parks. The park, located in the middle of Cleveland and Akron, was 33,000 acres long and home to the lovely Cuyahoga River. The park was a great location for a hostel, because it was close to many of the city's attraction but still far enough away to keep a charming, rustic feel alive. Rolling floodplain, beautiful valleys, ravines, and gorgeous greenery surrounded the area, making it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Several hiking trails for backpackers of all ages wound through the park, stretching all the way to the fascinating Ohio and Erie Canals. In fact, the tracks were named among the "top ten family friendly trails" by the American Hiking Society.

The hostel itself was located only about a quarter of a mile from Towpath Trail, close in proximity to two ski resorts: Boston Mills and Brandywine. It was also close to Dover Lake Water Park, a favorite attraction of young people, and Peninsula, a bustling town full of restaurants, nightlife, art, and shopping opportunities.

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